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My name is Anne she said, Anne Frank

My name is Anne she said, Anne Frank

(Ik heet Anne zei ze, Anne Frank - Uitgeverij Cossee - ISBN 90 59360214 - 2003)
In My name is Anne she said, Anne Frank, Jacqueline van Maarsen writes about her friendship with Anne Frank, who was to be a radical influence on het life. The book also describes the marriage of her exceptional parents and how they managed to escape the threat of deportation during the war.

Translations: German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Turkish

Inheriting Anne Frank

Inheriting Anne Frank

(De Erflaters - Uitgeverij Cossee - ISBN 90 593605 - 2004)
Inheriting Anne Frank is the continuation of My name is Anne she said, Anne Frank.
It relates the astonishing story of what happened to and with Anne's famous diary. Van Maarsen also continues her own family history.

Translations: German, English, French, Spanish

Anne en Jopie

Anne and Jopie

(Anne en Jopie - Uitgeverij Balans - ISBN 97890501 81 10 5 - 1990)
Anne and Jopie is the first book Jacqueline van Maarsen wrote aboout her childhood friend Anne Frank.

Translations: English, German, Japanese, Russian

Je beste vriendin Anne

Your Best Friend Anne

(Je beste vriendin Anne - Uitgeverij Querido ISBN 97890451 - 2011)
Your Best Friend Anne is Jacqueline van Maarsen's adaptation of her story for young readers (10+). It was awarded the "Zilveren Griffel" in 2012.

Translation: German