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Quotes from the jury report:

Je beste vriendin Anne - Your Best Friend Anne offers and authentic and colourful portrait of the war years, events at school, the recession and the uncertainty that followed.

The description of the Hongerwinter - the Dutch famine of 1944 - is intense and harrowing but not sentimental.

Jacqueline van Maarsen writes with honesty about her relationship with Anne, about her own cares and doubts, about Anne's moods and caprices. Without turning the focus on herself, she gives us a personal account of the life of the Frank family and a charming picture of the other side of Anne Frank. Her friendship with Anne is - also literally - the core of the book.

After the war Jacqueline renews her friendship with Anne's father and a close bond develops between them. Van Maarsen movingly describes how he took her to the Achterhuis - the Anne Frank House - and showed her Anne's diary and the two letters of farewell she had written in it to her best friend Jacqueline.

Je beste vríendin Anne - Your Best Friend Anne is a penetrating story, based on memory, and of unique informative value. It is a piece of narrative non-fiction for children, written from the perspective of someone who lived through the war. It demonstrates how life's twists and turns, no matter how small, can have far-reaching consequences and how they provide history with an additional layer.